Conditions of Note

Absolutely no alcohol, drugs or paraphernalia

Absolutely no gambling of any sort

Absolutely no intimate relationships or sexual relations

Absolutely no socialization with those still in active addiction

Absolutely no weapons of any sort

Mandatory adherence to 10:00 PM curfew Sunday to Thursday

Mandatory adherence to 11:00 PM curfew Friday and Saturday

Mandatory attendance at peer support meetings (7 for pre and 6 for post)

Active participation in my recovery including group engagement and homework

Complete Conditions of Residency

  1. I agree to be actively engaged in a recovery program as outlined in my case plan including, but not limited to the following;

    • Abstinence for a period of not less than 7 days prior to admission and maintain abstinence for the duration of my participation in the Residents in Recovery program.  Failure will result in immediate removal from the house.

    • I will refrain from gambling of any sort.  This includes casinos, bingos, VLTs, scratch tickets and lottery tickets.  Failure to adhere will result in removal from the program.

    • I will attend ALL daily programming, except when pre-authorized by Residents in Recovery staff.   Failure to adhere will result in client being given 24 hours to commit to new behavior, or a voluntary move-out. Three (3) violations of this will result in immediate removal from the program.

    • I will attend the required weekly peer support and house meetings.  Three (3) violations of this requirement will result in immediate termination of the program.

    • I will fully participate and be engaged in all activities (including meetings, social activities and volunteer activities) as required and on time. 

    • I agree to pay attention during daily programming, avoid cross talk, refrain from the use of my cell phone, be respectful of other participants and obey the class rules as determined by you and your peers.  Failure to adhere to class rules will result in me being asked to leave thereby, counted as missed programming. See 1c.

    • I agree to be actively involved in and seeking a residential treatment bed date.

  2. Financial arrangements will be discussed with staff prior to admission. Confirmation of social assistance, approved income, or third-party funding source to be identified at time of application.  My funding source will be _______________________.  I agree to have application completed by ______________________.

  3. I have paid the $50 administration fee.

  4. I am aware that a requirement of $520.00 rent and a $200.00 damage deposit (or guarantee) that must be arranged and approved by the Executive Director or paid on or before my move in date.  I agree to pay my monthly rent IMMEDIATELY UPON RECIEPT of my income support check, or if on other support, by the final day of the month.  Payments can be made by e-mail money transfer to  If I fall behind on my rent, I may be asked to catch it up immediately or risk being asked to leave the program.

  5. In the case of a damage deposit (excluding a letter of guarantee), it will be returned to me provided the following criteria are met: 

    • That I have left my personal living area clean, tidy, and in good condition.

    • That my room and board is paid in full, to and including, the date of my departure.

    • That I have given staff a minimum of one (1) month’s written notice or am attending a residential treatment program.

    • There is no damage identified on my move-out inspection report.

    • I am aware that if I am evicted, my damage deposit is non-refundable.

  6. Clients of the Early Abstinence sober living program may obtain casual labor upon approval from the Program Director, if it does not interfere with their recovery program, or treatment plan. Clients in the Early Recovery sober living program may obtain full time employment with the approval of the Program Director, if it does not interfere with their recovery program.

  7. Illness resulting in missed programming for more than two (2) consecutive days will result in the requirement of a doctor’s note indicating the reason for the absence. Failure to provide a doctor’s note will result in consideration of two (2) missed programming days, see 1c.

  8. I do not get weekend passes for the first month unless there is an emergency. I must submit a pass request (3) days prior to any overnight, weekday, or weekend pass. To attain an extension of my curfew I will contact staff for approval.

  9. After the first month of residency, weekend passes are permitted upon approval of Residents in Recovery staff. I must submit a pass request (3) days prior to any overnight, weekday, or weekend pass. To attain an extension of my curfew I will contact staff for approval. If approval is obtained, I will arrange with a fellow house mentor to cover my duties at me house prior to leaving for the weekend. I will inform the Executive Director of who I have arranged to cover prior to my departure.

  10. If my pass has expired and I am still absent from Residents in Recovery for 72 hours (3 days) without contacting staff, I will be considered to have “moved out” and my damage deposit will be forfeited.

  11. I have 72 hours (3 days) to remove my belongings after leaving the Residents in Recovery house either voluntarily or if I am evicted.  After 30 days, belongings that have not been picked up will be donated to charity chosen by Residents in Recovery staff.

  12. Following my discharge/departure from the Residents in Recovery house, I am liable for legal proceedings against me for any unpaid amounts of my room and board or other debts that are owed to Residents in Recovery Society.

  13. It is my responsibility to inform my house mentor of any visit to a hospital emergency room or of a scheduled appointment I have with a doctor, as well as the outcome.  Staff is not permitted to transport any client.

  14. Weapons, including any objects deemed potentially dangerous, are not allowed. Such items will be disposed of as indicated in our policy. Residents in Recovery Society has zero-tolerance policy on physical violence and verbal/non-verbal aggressive behavior. Violation of this policy will result in immediate discharge.

  15. All electronic devices (computers, televisions, gaming systems, social media on cell phones, etc.) MUST BE TURNED OFF BY 11:00 PM Sunday to Thursday, and not to be turned back on until 3 pm the following day. Friday and Saturday electronics may be used until midnight and turned on again the following morning at 8:00 AM.  Failure to adhere to these policies will result in removal of all electronic devices for one week the first violation, and permanent removal the second. No client, prior to treatment, can obtain a television in their personal rooms.

  16. Curfew:  I will be in attendance at my designated sober living house by the following hours:

    • Sunday to Thursday 10:00 PM.

    • Friday and Saturday 11:00 PM.

    • Prior arrangements must be made and approved by staff to be out after these times.

    • Curfew breaches past midnight will result in immediate removal from the sober living program.

    • Two minor curfew breaches will result in immediate removal from the sober living program.

  17. I am required to attend a minimum of seven for pre and six for post peer support meetings every week including the Never Too Far mandatory meeting (8:00 pm on Saturday).   Peer support meetings include AA, NA, CODA, SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery other approved virtual peer support meetings and church.  I am also aware that it is my responsibility to work on my steps or other recovery program and get a (temp.) sponsor or mentor within the first four weeks of admission to the Residents in Recovery program.  See 1d for violation procedures. 

  18. I agree to ongoing outpatient counselling with Saskatchewan Health Authority Outpatient Services or approved addiction counselor for the continued support of my addiction(s). The number of appointments will be at the discretion of the counsellor.  My current counselor is _____________________________.

  19. Residents in Recovery conducts weekly “in-house” business meetings which are mandatory for me to attend. Permission to miss a business meeting MUST be approved by the staff. See 1d for violation procedures.

  20. I will be up and ready for the day by 8:30 AM Monday to Friday. I will be at the office or signed into virtual programming by 9:15 AM every morning and realize that if I am late and have not notified staff by contacting the office number, I will be required to attend an additional peer support meeting that week. 

  21. I agree to refrain from engagement in intimate relations while a resident in the sober living house.  This includes relations with individuals inside and outside of the program.  Relationships that pre-exist entrance into the program, will be considered as being excluded from this conditional term upon disclosure and discussion with the Executive Director.

  22. I understand that socialization with individuals still engaged in active addiction or addictive behaviors may be detrimental to my recovery.  As such, I agree to refrain from direct socialization with such individuals.  Direct socialization includes, hanging out with, continued communication with and seeking rides or favors from such individuals.  Continued socialization with such individuals may result in the discharge from the sober living program. If I am aware of fellow clients are engaging in such behaviors, it is my duty to report this to staff.

  23. Illegal activity will not be tolerated.  As a sober living resident, it is my job to address maladaptive behaviors as well as my substance use issues.  Theft from the center, other residents and from businesses will result in my discharge from the program.  Continued engagement in other illegal activity such as fraud, drug dealing, or other illegal activities will result in the immediate discharge from the program.

  24. Pets or animals of any kind are not allowed in the sober living house at any time. Visiting animals must be kept outside at all times.

  25. The bedrooms of other residents are off limits. Staff may enter any room to do room checks and may check my belongings and/or vehicle with myself or another staff member present if there are concerns.

  26. Inappropriate clothing is not allowed. This includes clothes or hats with alcohol or drug related logos, jokes, or pictures, sexual connotations, or inappropriate language. Nor will I bring any material including videos, CDs, magazines, posters, electronic games, etc., into the sober living house that is pornographic, extremely violent, or disrespectful.

  27. Residents in Recovery sober living houses are non-smoking. Smoking, vaping and chewing tobacco are not allowed anywhere in the building. Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only and I agree to use the ashtrays or containers that are provided for the disposal of my smoking material. After curfew it is my responsibility to lock the external door(s) when I return inside.

  28. I am responsible for the purchase of my own medication.  All prescriptions will be managed through Lloyd Drug Mart.  I agree to forward all existing prescriptions to Lloyd Drug Mart immediately upon move-in and agree to use Lloyd Drug Mart for all new prescriptions that I may receive while a resident in the sober living program. This allows staff to monitor medication use, access information as required, and facilitate pick-up and distribution of medication.

  29. I agree to sign the required “Consent for Release and Collection of Confidential Information” forms as the sharing of this specific information will facilitate adequate care and promote the safety of all participants in the program.

  30. I am entitled to park in the sober living house parking lot. If my vehicle is dripping oil or other fluid products, I may be asked to park on the street. I can plug in my vehicle one (1) time per 24-hour time period in cold weather. I must provide an “in-line” timed block heater device, setting it for three (3) hours before starting my vehicle.

  31. I will not wear street shoes or hard-soled footwear in the house. For public health reasons I will wear socks or slippers in the common area. Heavily soiled or oil related footwear will be cleaned before putting in the shoe rack.

  32. Basic food provisions will be provided however any personal items will be my responsibility.  If necessary, I will be assisted in accessing the food bank or other resources to provide my basic food needs.  If I have food items that I do not wish to share, I will clearly indicate my name on the food container if it is required to be in the fridge, and if not, I will keep it in my room. Using food items marked for personal use will constitute as stealing and will result in immediate removal from the house. This includes at the office and at the sober living house.

  33. I will be provided laundry soap and anti-static drying sheets. There is to be no heavily soiled clothing washed in the house washing machine.  Staff will inform me of places where these items of clothing can be properly dry cleaned or washed.

  34. I will be accountable and responsible for cleaning up after myself and cooperating with my roommates.  This includes doing my chores as assigned, doing the dishes after I cook, maintaining a clean and tidy room, making my bed every morning, cleaning up after myself in the bathroom, and refraining from leaving my belongings around in the common areas. Further, I agree to refrain from cooking any food past 10pm, unless special circumstances arise, and approval has been provided by the House Mentor.

  35. All guests must be approved by Residents in Recovery staff. Guests can visit only in common areas which include the living room, kitchen, back deck (if present), or outside. Guests are not allowed in bedrooms unless special permission is given. There are NO overnight guests, except for children as approved by the Program Director. All guests must be clean and sober, or working an active recovery program. I am responsible for the conduct of my guests. Minors are not to be left unattended at any time.  All guests must leave by the daily curfew time except for children during their overnight stays with their parent.

  36. I understand that sober living residents of the opposite gender are not permitted at the sober living house without permission of the Executive or Program Director.  (i.e., Women are not allowed at either men’s houses and men are not allowed at the women’s house).  I further understand that this includes within the house and anywhere on the property.  Failure to comply with this condition may result in the termination of residency in the program.

  37. Staff and residents are expected to ensure that a continuously safe and supportive environment is provided. If I am aware of anyone violating any terms of residency, I will report what I know, have seen, heard, or am aware of, to a Residents in Recovery staff member. All reports will remain anonymous.

  38. I understand that Residents in Recovery Society has a zero-tolerance policy on using or possessing alcohol and illegal drugs, the misuse of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, or any form of gambling. A violation of this rule will result in immediate discharge. A refusal to test for alcohol or drugs from a staff member will be considered as grounds for eviction.  If requested, I will be willing to provide samples when Residents in Recovery staff requests a random drug or alcohol test. If I have been away on an approved pass, I may be subject to a drug or alcohol test at my own expense when I return.  A refusal to test for alcohol or drugs from a staff member will be considered as grounds for eviction.

  39. I am not to enter bars, nightclubs, casinos, or other gambling establishments or to be in any location where drugs and/or alcohol are knowingly used or sold. Should I need to be at a location or event where alcohol is being served, I must first discuss it with the staff at Residents in Recovery and obtain approval prior to attendance at the event.  If it happens as a result of something that I have little to no control such as part of my work, etc., I will bring it to the attention of staff after the fact and explain the circumstances.

  40. It is my responsibility to inform staff of any drugs I have in my possession. This includes prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, vitamins, supplements, etc. Medication(s) must remain in their original containers and always kept in my private bedroom. Medications will be dispensed by the pharmacist at Lloyd Drug Mart, staff may ask my pharmacist to bubble pack them.  Staff may choose to monitor administration of my medication(s) at their discretion. Any medication(s) I leave behind will be disposed of within 24 hours of my discharge/departure from the sober living house.

  41. I understand that I can leave the house without prior authorization if I adhere to the rules, my curfew, and the ‘Buddy System’. The ‘Buddy System’ consists of me never leaving the house alone, and always having a fellow resident of my home accompany me. This is for my safety and the assurance of staff that I am okay. If I leave the house alone, it may contribute to my termination from the program and eviction from the sober living home. If I plan on participating in physical activity early in the morning, I understand that prior approval must be obtained by the House Mentor who will use their discretion. I am required to check-in with the House Mentor every 2 hours or when I change my venue. Failure to check in will result in a write up. Once I obtain 2 write-ups’, I will be placed on a restrictive performance contract developed by my Program Director. If I fail to follow this contract I will be discharged from the program. 

  42. I am required to sign in and out EVERY time I enter or exit the house. If I do not follow this, I will be written up and placed on an automatic house restriction for a period of 2 weeks.

  43. If I am signed up for a recreational activity I am obligated to attend. I must attend a minimum of 5 recreational activities in an 8-week period.    

  44. I agree to monitor my COVID-19 symptoms daily, including taking my temperature and recording on forms provided.

  45. I understand that these conditions of tenancy may change and that I will be notified in writing of any changes.

  46. I have read or have had someone read these “terms of residency” to me and I understand these rules and regulations are applicable to me while I am a resident of Residents in Recovery whether I am on or off the premises. I understand that a breach of any of these guidelines could result in my eviction from the Residents in Recovery sober living house.

Are you aware of a violation?

Your recovery is dependent on your spiritual condition.  This requires no secrets.  It is your obligation to report when someone is putting everyone's recovery at risk.  Is your recovery not worth it?  All reports will remain anonymous.

Thank-you for valuing your recovery and the recovery of everyone else.