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We have moved away from weekly requests. Household items that Residents in Recovery supply are those that are used by all clients, excluding food.  Instructions on obtaining these are indicated below. 

**Food is your responsibility.

The following items can be picked up at the office any time.

  1. Coffee - Bring Container

  2. Coffee Filters

  3. Tea

  4. Sugar - Bring Container

  5. Salt/Pepper - Bring Container

  6. Spray Disinfectant - Bring Container

  7. Floor Cleaner - Bring Container

  8. Dish Soap - Bring Container

  9. Hand Soap - Bring Container

  10. Laundry Soap - Bring Container

  11. Garbage Bags - All Sizes

  12. Recycling Blue Bags

  13. Lightbulbs

  14. First Aid Supplies

  15. COVID Test

  16. Toilet Paper - Provided on the 1st


Maintenance requests are to be submitted as required.  This request will act as a work order and will be addressed as soon as possible.  Requests will be sorted by matter of urgency.

Maintenance Request

Provide Details on next page!

Having Trouble or Need Something Else

If you are having difficulty or have questions, please let the staff know by visiting the Contact Us page..

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